How to Publish Yourself in the UK

Publish yourself

Have you ever come up with an idea for a book, written it, showed it to friends and family, stuck it on the web and been encouraged to turn it into a "real book". Then been told by publishing houses that it will never sell, it's rubbish and to go away? Well it's pretty disheartening stuff but sadly not unusual. Welcome to the world of Self Publishing.

Having been through all of this and managed to work our way through the maze of self publishing and come out the other end with what we believe is a small success story, we created this site to help you do the same, hopefully avoiding some of the pitfalls.

We will use our own little book as the example as we wend our way through the process from idea to creation, print, publishing, marketing and selling your new title.

Use the links above to navigate through this guide. It's based on experience and things do change. If you come across information here that needs updating just let us know.